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Not a question, just a request for 2... well, 3 things that I want in McAfee:

1. Trust list fixed and usable

2. Updates actually list WHAT it's going to update.  example: Update for Security Center, Update virus definitions(and preferably specifics like which viruses)

3. Have a choice to update all, or select which updates to install.  Not everyone needs to be spoon-fed.

Currently none of these are in McAfee(Trust List broken, user has no idea what the "updates" actually update, and the user has no choice in updates), and the lack of them makes it very consumer-unfriendly.

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Re: Wishlist

The 2011 product which is in public beta testing allows for files/folders to be trusted.

I agree it would be nice if a summary of what's contained in an update could be presented first or at least accessible after the fact - one of the many improvements we have submitted for consideration, along with updates should be creating a restore point before being applied..

Beta testing the product gives you the opportunity to file lots of Bug Reports and is the most effective way of getting changes to be accepted.

More details here:

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