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Windows10 and Safekey

I recently upgraded to Win10. I was previously using MacAfee's Safekey feature on Monzillo. After upgrading to Win 10 and not using Firefox, Safekey did not carry over to Microsft Edge. The Microsoft techs told me it is a MacAfee issue and to contact them. I did but have not heard a thing. Any ideas?

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Re: Windows10 and Safekey


Safekey is not compatible with EDGE at the moment. Did you try checking out Internet Explorer and see if it is present? Also as an alternative you can install Google Chrome and check its functionality.

Re: Windows10 and Safekey

Hello, I had same problem. And after I see your comment, I stepped back to windows7.

After I recoveered that OS, Safekey had swiped out. And I found that even with Windows7, safekey has problem with re-installing.

It shows "connection error occurred "

I found another thread   "" explaining this.

Does someone can knows how to fix this?

Thank you for advance.

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Re: Windows10 and Safekey

Please note SafeKey discontinuing at the end of this month:  TS102300