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Windows 8

Can i use mcafee for the full windows 8 software? When i try to install windows 8 it says to uninstall mcafee because it is not supported. if i uninstall it, will i be able to install it again on windows 8?

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Re: Windows 8

The win 8 compatible version will be released soon. I am unsure if you need to reinstall or if current version will chenge via update. I will ask in our call tomorrow.

The beta 12.1 version is compatible and you can install it if you join the beta testers.

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Re: Windows 8

You should have received the update that makes the current retail software compatible.  It would have required a reboot and came in late Friday here.   However they did say that it could take a few days to reach everyone.

As Tony says, the Beta works fine in Win 8 if you want to try it, more details here:

Re: Windows 8

Can you find out whether i need to reinstall, because i still cant install windows 8 with my mcafee software.


Re: Windows 8

The word is uninstall Mcafee fully before updating to win 8. I am trying this myself but get install failure at 90% installed . Nothing to do with Mcafee it was removed days ago. When win 8 is installed reinstall mcafee and the version installed will be compatible with windows 8. More so when it gets teh 12.1 version the beta is running it is designing to be touch screen friendly.

To uninstall Mcafee use the programs and features option in control panel and then run the MCPR program mentioned above.