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Why would McAfee put sales related popups in their software?

McAfee should know better than to create these annoying popups advertising sales on their software. Why would they think customers would want to be interrupted to hear about a damned sale? I am furious that McAfee violates my trust by becoming a nuisance spambot program! To McAfee, what gives you the right to do this? I installed your product so I could avoid such popups. Even worse are the many complaints dating way back yet you still refuse to remove these annoying popups. Needless to say, I will uninstall McAfee. Unfortunately, I had faith in McAfee and recommended it to colleagues and friends. Can no longer do so. So disappointed.

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Re: Why would McAfee put sales related popups in their software?

Hello ewest413 and welcome to the McAfee Community Forums!

     First, I will mention that I do NOT work for McAfee.  Like many others here, I do, however, volunteer my time (in my a SiteAdvisor Reviewer), while others may be volunteer Moderators and yet others are regular member's volunteering their respective expertise to try and help the many people who post about their problems here..

I can certainly empathize with your disappointment concerning your McAfee product.  McAfee is NOT, by any means, the only security product provider which incorporates some degree of sales advertising/promotional offerings within its software product(s).  Each company does have the right to promote/market its product and/or product line in whatever manner they believe to be most effective (so long as it is not in violation of applicable existing laws). 

While you and I may not particularly like the WAY  in which a business goes about their respective promotional still remains the company's prerogative as to what marketing methodology they employ.   Obviously...if enough consumers complain to a company about an issue (such as, this advertising problem you've raised), then the business may very well re-evaluate its practices & decide it to be in their better interest to change their current way of doing things.

(Just as your dissatisfaction with the marketing aspect (not the product's performance or actual effectiveness as an antivirus application) of McAfee's product is causing you to select a different product to meet your needs).  BTW...for what it's worth...the sole reasons I myself installed McAfee were, (1) - The Security Suite is provided free of charge by my ISP, and (2) - I needed an antivirus program on my computer (wasn't looking for a popup-blocker at that time)..

Best regards and hope you are able to find an AV program which will better meet your needs!

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Re: Why would McAfee put sales related popups in their software?

As Pete says it's unfortunately a fact of life these days that we are bombarded with ads everywhere. 

We Moderators have given McAfee a lot of negative feedback on this but unfortunately the marketing department rarely listens as they are completely separate from the support side of things.

McAfee isn't alone in advertising popups on computers.  I have several applications guilty of the same behaviour.

I can only say, they are aware that people don't like them and we keep reminding them about it.

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