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Why is SiteAdvisor for Chrome so basic?

I used to use Firefox as my web browser and the Siteadvisor addon allowed me to do searches directly from the SiteAdvisor toolbar and also allowed to to share sites through social media in a safe manner. But the Google Chrome siteadvisor addon seems to be very basic instead of having a complete toolbar that allows me to do all the things I mentioned it only shows a small square that tells me if the site is safe or not.

Is McAfee planning to make a full loaded version of SiteAdvisor for Google Chrome?


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Re: Why is SiteAdvisor for Chrome so basic?

I don't know. It's something I've wondered about myself. I can ask if you like, but I don't guarantee that I'll get much of an answer. It's likely to be something to do with Chrome code compatibilty.

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