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Why is McAfee Automatic Update Having Issues?

Hi all,

I installed McAfee (downloaded it from my local ISP ---> part of the Internet package) on my HP Mini Netbook Windows 7 32-bit.  The download was complete and went perfectly.  I even uninstalled Norton (which came with the netbook) using the Norton Removal Tool prior to installing McAfee.

Today, McAfee had a hard time updating itself automatically (going from DAT version 6482 to 6483).  The "next update" time keeps changing (being pushed back 10 minutes at a time).  Even when the netbook was left along for along period of time and nothing was running (CPU Usage was at 0% to 1%), the "next update" time would pass without receving any updates.  After a while, the 10 minute to the next update changed to a few hours (which is this Thursday morning).  I decided to do a manual update and was successful in having the latest DAT version (6483).

Is this normal?  Normally, when there is an update and my netbook is untouched for 10 minutes, the update usually begins.  For some reason, today (9/28) Automatic Update had a hard time starting/initiating.

Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Re: Why is McAfee Automatic Update Having Issues?

Hello Northernva2000,

There are three basic types of updates: DAT updates, minor application updates, and new version releases.

  • DAT updates are the most common update, and are usually updated at least once a day.
  • Minor application updates resolve issues and/or compatibility problems.
  • New versions are the least frequent, and include enhancements and/or changes to the applications.

Security Center checks for updates shortly after a system restart, and checks again approximately every four hours ,. Moreover , these updates are released depending upon the customer GEO and location. So , as long as the DAT numbers keeps updating itself , you do not have to worry about it .

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