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Why does everyone think McAfee has low detection rates?

Hi everyone I'm new to the McAfee community. Recently today I went to The Source to purchase McAfee AntiVirius Plus 2012 despite all the bad rep I heard on the internet. Please tell me why people hate McAfee products so much. Everyone I asked about McAfee said that their detection rates are the lowest on the market.

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Re: Why does everyone think McAfee has low detection rates?

I don't think everyone does but there are always people who will knock the big software makers' products and of course there will always be people who have their favourite products and anything else, in their opinions, is rubbish.   There are even people who swear no protection is best, well I wont even go there.....

These graphs were published recently and show McAfee in quite a favourable light (click to enlarge)



AV-Test Certification – Jan 2012:

AV-Test Certification – Oct 2011:

AV-Comparatives Anti-Phishing Test – Sept 2011:

AV-Comparatives On-demand malware detection test – Aug 2011:

AV-Comparatives On-demand malware detection test – Feb 2011:

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Re: Why does everyone think McAfee has low detection rates?

Everyone likes to hear negative comments. The good ones just pass by.

I think every person has a different set of preferred security software. Personally, I do think the Mcafee is one of the top security softwares online. Updates are regular.

Just a note, there is no security software that can guarrantee you 100% detection rate since the threats online are always evolving.

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Re: Why does everyone think McAfee has low detection rates?

Dear Flogger,

i agree with your point but according to my exp McAfee is the best product wen compare to others .... because we are security product vendors and i have experience in delas with McAfee,Symanetec,Trendmicro products  even the customers they don aware of security issues if they installed AV then they ll put all the burdens on AV instead of knowing how vulnerable their OS did they patched upto the browse safely but they only blame the AV products....

I would like to share one incident...

one of our customer mailed me tat McAfee is not detecting the Virus files ( they suffer with .exe virus issue) wen i crosschecked and i have identified tat the McAfee is able to detect and clean tat file in the name of W32/ yahlover.worm also i cross checked the OS patches its not patched properly so i explained the customers with copying tat .exe virus file to the test PC with properly patched and uptodate McAfee DAT the virus got detected then the customer understood the issue and the started to free up all the PC's SPACE patched to latest DAT then the infected files got deleted automatically .......

So dear friends instead of blaming AV try to find out the root cause if your PC got infection....

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