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Why does Mcafee continually harass it's users with Pop-up advertisment?

Is anyone else out there sick of these mcafee "update" pop-ups?  Do i really need to ask that question? These are more annoying and harder to get rid of than any other "in your face" advertisments out there.

No other company burns people out to the point of uninstalling the software more. The latest versions do not even give you the option to "never remind me again" so on a daily basis i have to stop what i'm doing on the computer and hit "remind me later"

Now i hear that even with the fix you can't get rid of these... Mcafee tech support is saying that someone put a bug in the software, well i wonder who might have done this?? Could it be the company that would benefit from having their name pop up time after time? The same company that has made it nearly impossible to get rid of these ANNOYING pop-ups for years? Probably.  Would anyone else benefit from putting a bug into the software?

Mcafee, please, please wake up and see that you are burning people out on your product. I would rather have a virus to deal with than you ANNOYING pop-ups every day!!!

I don't know many people who would buy this software if it didn't come with the computer they purchased.

We need to let these pc companies know that they are losing business to mac partly because people are tired of worrying about mcafee updates and pop-ups. You never have this problem with mac. Maybe then they will find a less annoying anti-virus software to use.

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Re: Why does Mcafee continually harass it's users with Pop-up advertisment?

As annoying as it gets, updates are the heart and soul for these softwares.

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