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Why does McAfee hog all my resources at times?

Almost took a sledge hammer to my laptop a few times then realized McAfee is causing all the frustration. This software will completely take over my computer and make it useless. Dell laptop, I7, SSD, Windows 10. What do I need? An I7000 pentium quadruple core from the future? Would that be enough power to run all this awesomeness? McAfee won't even let me post in the right forum.

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Re: Why does McAfee hog all my resources at times?

Hey there,

I have the exact same issue. In fact I believe I have the same set-up (Dell Inspirion, I7, 7000 series, Windows 10).  Here's a screen shot form my resource monitor. This thing is completely aprehending control of my laptop and hardrive is working double-time. For what it is worth, I bought my wife the exact same system except hers is an I5 (couldn't allow her to have a better laptop).  The only difference is she is using a different end-point scanner and....she doesn't have this problem.  If I can't get it fixed on my system - McAfee will have one less customer. 

resource monitor.PNG

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Re: Why does McAfee hog all my resources at times?

Hi @ahetland @wecsg99

Please specify whether a scan was running in the background? Also we would like to narrow down which resource is being used - CPU, Memory or Disk

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