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Why do updates take forever and then fail?

We use a dial-up connection because that's all we can get where we live.  In recent weeks, Macaffe updates have gone on for hours, and usually the computer disconnects from the internet before they are done, usually at around 30% downloaded.  At the moment it is downloading a virus scan update, which has been going on for 2 1/2 hours and is 26% complete.

Among the reasons this is especially annoying is that it slows down all other internet operations while it is going on.

I hope someone can help.  thanks.

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Re: Why do updates take forever and then fail?


Try this for more info.

Also, if you search the VirusScan 13 board, you will see many, many other threads about this problem.

M has been having serious problems for nearly 2 weeks.

Despite valiant efforts on the part of forum moderators and other volunteers and users, there is little in the way to definitive resolution from M.

Hang in there,


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