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Why do I have 2 McAfee Security San Plus Programs.

Could this be from when I updated my Adobe Reader.  When I updated my Adobe reader it ask me if I want to upload McAfee Security San Plus.  Since I have McAfee Security San Plug I figure it will just update it too.  It did say updating McAfee when it was running.

But my problem (questions) is when I go to the start botton and do a program file search and enter McAfee I get two programs that said McAfee Security San Plus. I have window 7.

Do I really have two McAfee Security San Plus progrsms.

In the search it listed locations as

Location: mcuicnt(c:\Program Files (x86\McAfee Security Scan\3.0.285)

and the other as

Location: ssscheduler(c:\Program Files (x86\McAfee Security Scan\3.0.285)

It seem the only difference in location is the first part.  The first one will start the scan program if I click on it the second one does nothing. 

Can anyone shead any light on this?

Do I really have two programs?  How do I get rid of one of them?

What is mcuicnt and what is ssscheduler.


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Re: Why do I have 2 McAfee Security San Plus Programs.

Security Scan Plus is an optional download with various products, most notably Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Reader etc. (example below - click image to enlarge) and if you aren't watching what you are doing and fail to uncheck that option, it installs.

Many other software types can be accidentally installed this way if you don't take notice.   It's a very popular method of keeping software free or low-cost by carrying advertising for other products.

It's harmless and merely checks your machine for security flaws.   You can uninstall it via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP).

You don't need either of them as you should have proper antivirus and firewall software installed.   Uninstalling as in the previous line should clean out both instances.    In any case I think those 2 instances you mention are for the same software.


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