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Why did I just get charged 312.00 to fix my connectivity problem with McAfee tech support ?!!

  I had a message FROM McAFEE on my computer saying I had upgrades needing to be installed and my computer would restart. Well, it didn't restart, but just stopped working. I spent about 6 hours trying to fix my computer ( an HP PC) and finally remembered that the problem started when I followed my McAfee instructions. I opened it in a Safe Mode and checked out the McAfee security suite status, and it said I was FULLY PROTECTED with no viruses, etc. So I went to the website and called the tech support number. Lo and behold, the first thing on the recording is a message about how McAfee users have lost their internet connectivity and how to fix it, so they obviously knew this was a bigg OOOPS.  So I kept trying to restart my computer, and got nowhere, called LIVE tech support, and suddenly I have to pay 299.00 & 20.00 tax (?) in order for them to 'fix the problem' which their software MISSED..They said that in order to fix it they will need to install a NETWORK FIREWALL ( I thought I HAD a firewall with my software ?) and it's the only way I can get my computer fixed. Oh and the firewall is good 'forever' and will cover my other computer ( A Mac Laptop, which I never have had a problem with). I feel like this is just some lousy sales gimmick and they should have just helped me because I have alreasdy bought their security software.  It is now 2 hours later, I am still running a Debug Program, and next I get to reinstall my entire Windows 7 operating system, and will probably lose a BUNCH of unsaved data. I plan to contact my local consumer affairs office about this practice, and the Washington Post to see if this virus is newsworthy. I feel like I really got ripped off by tech support.

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Re: Why did I just get charged 312.00 to fix my connectivity problem with McAfee tech support ?!!

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