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Where is the Vulnerability Scanner App List?

Where can I find the list of applications McAfee Vulnerability Scanner updates?  And how might I go about requesting an addition?

I'm disappointed that this information isn't in the help file.  I'm sure it has been asked before, probably numerous times, but a forum search didn't turn the question up, so here it is again.

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Re: Where is the Vulnerability Scanner App List?

Duplicate question by this poster, so I'm locking this post.

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Level 20

Re: Where is the Vulnerability Scanner App List?

                        As Colleague Hayton has stipulated, this is a Duplicate question. To refresh your memory this was brought up as a Topic of discussion on our last Conference Call. Even Senior level Tier 3.0 Engineers did not have a answer.

                         It has been brought up to the Vulnerability Scanner Devs attention  to possibly give an answer.

                     So therefore even though we attempted to answer your question, even Senior Level Engineers did not know.

                     I am unlocking this temporarily in case there is future correspondence back from the Devs.

                      This is your previous post in regards to your question

McAfee Volunteer
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