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Where do I find Licence key ?

Currenlty have a 4 PC licence but need to reduce it to 3 as one of the laptops is no longer operational .

On my renewal screen it has 4 licence codes, and is asking me to choose one  to disable.

How do I find out which licence is on which PC ..obviously if I can find the licence no on the 3 PC's I still have working I can by a process of elimination work out which one I need to discontinue


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Re: Where do I find Licence key ?

On the account page you have subscription 1  shown. Click on this and up pops a list of PC names . Disable the name of the 1 you want to remove.

Re: Where do I find Licence key ?

thanks tried that ..... but all 4 PC's names come up as N/A so I don't know which one is which ....stupid of me I know !!!

Re: Where do I find Licence key ?

Have you named the Pcs if not do so for the 3 and those that then are not redected as N/a are the 3.

Ok working blind here but if they are named they should show.

If above no good call customer service and see if they can help. they have more tools than I have.

need licence key for epo


i purchased Mcafee epo dlp online

i installed it through grant number but when i try to activate all options it require serial key but i dont get any serial key

how do i get that