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What is the current McAfee equivalent of McAfee SecurityCenter?

At the moment I have McAfee SecurityCenter Ver 11 and I have just had an email saying that my auto-renewal will kick in soon. Last year the renewal cost £25; this year McAfee are saying that the renewal will cost £55 plus tax! Of course, the first thing I did was to immediately go to my account and switch off auto-renewal. The cynical part of me says that McAfee are relying on people forgetting about auto-renewal and just letting these exhorbitant sums automatically come out of their accounts.

Anyway, before I phone up McAfee and ask them what they are playing at I thought I'd check what the current prices are on the McAfee site. At the moment they have an offer for McAfee Internet Security 2012 for 1 PC of £25 - the same as I paid last year. Looking at the list of features it seems very similar to McAfee SecurityCenter Ver 11. Am I correct in this assumption?

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Re: What is the current McAfee equivalent of McAfee SecurityCenter?

If I were you I would shop around for the best price.  Often there are cheaper offers off the main website but be careful, don't buy from unofficial sources.

Auto-renewal is at whatever the regular price is, but often you can get a discount elsewhere.   If you go that route uninstall the old one in the normal way, run the MCPR cleanup (listed under Useful Links at the top of this page), reboot and then install your new one.

The about-to-be-released version of SecurityCenter is only slightly different from the current one and will be v12.1, some cosmetic changes, a new engine, and a couple of extra tools, depending on which suite you purchase.

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