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What McAfee am I using???

I got a new computer at work and used the one month McAfee trial.  Once that was up my boss had me install McAfee Total Protection 2009 he got from Staples.  Now today I get a message saying there is a problem and my product isn't registered.  So I registered it and now I think it might have registered some sort of one year trial subscription totally separate from the McAfee Total Protection.  Is it possible one is overwriting the other and if so, how do I know which is in current use?

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Re: What McAfee am I using???

You can tell if the installation is OK by double-clicking the taskbar icon to open Security Center.

If it's got a green tick then you're OK.

If you have any questions about the subscription then call Customer Service or use their online Chat.  Linked under McAfee Support at top left under Home products.

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Re: What McAfee am I using???

Here are two FAQ's that might be helpful:

You can check your "My Account" to determine which product(s) you have purchased or available to install:

If you don't recall which email address you used to register your product(s) with, you can find that by following these steps:


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