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Webroot Spysweeper question

Up to last month I had been running McAfee & Webroot for the last year or so upon renewal this year I opted to purchase the latest Total Protection again from Mcafee and was going to go with Webroot again also. When I installed the McAfee product it had me remove Webroot, which I did and thought of going without but I do not feel as safe as before. Webroot caught a couple of trojans and the daily spyware scan didn't take up much time or resources. I'm not comfortable with McAfee since the fiasco of last year when I was solely relying on McAfee Total protection and got dinged with a virus and then a couple of trojans - twice. On the third time I reformatted my HD and reinstalled everything and continued with McAfee but added Webroot spysweeper which got updated to Antivirus with spysweeper and have been happy ever since. Now I'm reading that they're incompatble so I'm wondering if I can run the two programs like before. If I can only run one or the other, it's a tough call which way I'll go... All I want to do is run the spysweeper like before...

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Re: Webroot Spysweeper question

I've been able to run Spy Sweeper (w/o the antivirus component) alongside Mcafee AV, firewall, and parental controls. I haven't noticed any problems yet.  That's not saying that future updates to Mcafee and/or Spy Sweeper won't create problems.

I haven't tried Webroot's AV alongside Mcafee.

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