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Virus - ?

Why has this still not been detected by McAfee when there now seems to be some indications out there that a solution is available ?

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Re: Virus - ?

Plenty of suggestions in the Google forum, and a number of them seem to work.!topic/chrome/wMrC_eg8_Tw

I can't find a definite recent McAfee entry for this. There are several possibles but they're all more than a year old. Same goes for Microsoft.

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Re: Virus - ?

Indeed, some great suggestions in the Google forum but it's not necessarily linked to a JavaScript-injected trojan type virus called Trojan:JS/Feebs.gen!D. It could be a malicious web browser extension or a PUP, for example LyricsSay, DownloadTerms, etc. Take a look at:

Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner should take care of it.

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Re: Virus - ?

The best idea to remove this virus is to run some free adware program. For example, I am thinking of AdwCleaner, which is absolutely free.

The alternative solution is to follow the steps explained in this guide -

This is a manual removal! Don't download any program, simply follow the manual steps. This should help you.

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