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Virus protection issues and MVT wont open

I have recently done a system restore on my laptop, now my mcafee suite wont run.  Ok i checked online and it seems during the restore i would have lost patches/info so i have tried to use the MVT tool.  I have now tried to use this 3 or 4 times, each time i get to download it but all i get is a blank screen with virtual technician written in the corner, i'm not even getting to accept T&C's etc.  I have an acer 5732z laptop running wondows 7 premium home edition..

Can anyone help me please, really want to get my computer secure again...


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Re: Virus protection issues and MVT wont open

Hi Steve,

I believe your issue should fall under any of the below scenarios:

(A) McAfee will show that, it is not fully secure or (B) McAfee will show a Blank Screen once it is opened.

If it is scenario (A) then do a manual update as shown:

How to update.JPG

Else if it is scenario (B): Then kindly verify whether you are using any beta version of Internet Explorer, McAfee products are sold as suites and may not work in combination with McAfee Beta products.

If the issue is not resolved by doing a manual, then you need to uninstall & reinstall your McAfee consumer products.

You can use the below link to remove all the installed McAfee products: & you can reinstall the McAfee software back from

To have a clear picture of the root cause, you can also go through the following article:

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