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Virus Scan Plus - Automatic Updates

Automatic update is not working reliably on two computers. I have it set to notify me when updates are available for download which it does with a notification in the lower right hand corner of my screen. I click update and the update indicator starts but a few second later disappears. Sometimes I will get a message telling me the update was installed but it is not. Other times, if I check on "update progress" after a few minutes I find it is stuck on the first step, downloading update, but then it moves on and completes and the update is installed. Manually checking for and installing an update is always successful.

Version information:

McAfee Virus Scan Plus

Version: 15.0

Build: 15.0.288

Last update: 7/16/2011

DAT Version: 6409 (manually updated)

DAT Creation  Date: 7/16/2011

Boot DAT Version: 6405.0000

Boot DAT Creation Date: 7/17/2011

Engine Version: 5400.1158

This new version was recently download and installed on both computers. I did not have this issue with the prior version.

Thanks for any feedback on what might be the problem here.

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Re: Virus Scan Plus - Automatic Updates

Hello Jlcavor,

Could you please update us with the below information ;

What is the computer ‘s operating system ?

How is the computer connected to Internet ? (dsl/wireless/cable)

Do you currently have any other seeucirty software running along side McAfee ? OR anything in the past ?


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Re: Virus Scan Plus - Automatic Updates

Both computers are running Windows XP Professional SP3. One is connected by hardwired ethernet directly to my router and then via a cable modem to the internet. The other is connected wirelessly through the same router/cable modem. Neither of these computers has had any other security SW installed other than McAfee. The last update for both went OK. It's just not a stable or realiable process.

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