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Very Strange computers name consuming licenses.

There is something wrong happening.

I have 1 computer consuming 1 of my 3 license.

And it's change name all the time. And it's IP adress shows me diferent country. Like RU Moscow, IT and even BR

The point is, it's change fast, I just need update page to see another computer name and IP.

The problems is, it's consuming 1 license.
And now I have 2 another one that don't change anymore, but alredy disable license.

Oh please, tell me someone are working out because it's happening many times ago untill now.

Sorry for bad english!!!

Neriton Djonne Lopes

UOL - Universo Online mcafee support.

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Re: Very Strange computers name consuming licenses.

It's a fault in your version of the software and has no bearing on any kind of computer or account insecurity.

Once you update to at least 11.6.435 it will disappear.

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Re: Very Strange computers name consuming licenses.


I didn't understand what you meaning.

It's happening in my mcafee account

Noone has acess to my account I alredy change password.

What I meaning it's I have 3 license, I'm using 2 right now and there is a another one that I disable it's keeping change computer name and IP ( diferent country every change ).

I have another account from UOL Antivirus (mcafee UOL) It's didn't happen there.

To be clear :
In my account page shows me how many license I'm using and what computer name.

2 of then it's mine computers and 1 of then it's diferente computer everytime a update the page with diferente IP and diferente country.

So how mcafee gonna help me, because It's not seens to be right and it's serios security problem;

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Re: Very Strange computers name consuming licenses.

Yes I know what you mean and exactly the same thing happened to me and I thought, like you, that someone else was using my account.

It's  the fault of a certain version of the software and the way it links with the account page.  The accounts page gets confused and show other machines with similar MAC addresses, but they can't see your account details and aren't using your account allocation despite what you may think.

Once the software updates it will fix itself.

What version of the software do you have?  Open SecurityCenter and click About and give me the version for SecurityCenter.

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