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Upgrading windows from 8 to 8.1 uninstalled mcafee

I just bought four asus laptops for my children for Xmas. They came preloaded with windows 8 and mcafee. On two of the machines I had to create new Microsoft accounts, on the other two my kids already had Microsoft accounts. When I upgraded to windows 8.1, mcafee was deinstalled on the two machines that did not have Microsoft accounts. Can anyone explain why that is? And how I can get mcafee back?

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Re: Upgrading windows from 8 to 8.1 uninstalled mcafee

Now those are some lucky kids.

I never heard of that removal though I prefer to uninstall Mcafee prior to big windows updates and reinstall after. Best to ask tech support and see what they say. They also can tell you how to get back your Mcafee  installs. Did you register them if so you can download them from the account created. If not support will assist you and if you do not get a solution ask to escalate the issue.

Does the documentation have any Mcafee registration cards or similiar? Do the Asus laptops come with a resore disk to go back to the base / as bought config?

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