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Upgrade to VirusScan 14 - 2010 Product

I currently have VirusScan Plus installed (VS 13.15 with associated Security center and Personal Firewall products).  In October 2009 I made an on-line subscription to McAfee for an update to the product.  This update subs was verified and I have been receiving the automatic virus signature Dat file updates, however by now I would have expected to have received an automatic download of the new VS 14 (2010) product.   Do I need to login into my McAfee account and download this.  The last time I checked on the site back in late December 2009 the download available for installing was still only VS 13, the same as my current version.

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Re: Upgrade to VirusScan 14 - 2010 Product

Upgrades to the 2010 product are slowly being ramped up and will occur in the coming days and weeks, but it's guaranteed that you'll get it if you go to your account and select the whole package (or only the parts you want using the Custom choice) - it will then uninstall the current products, tell you to reboot and after that will continue installing the new products.

That's a way of hurrying it up if you wish to try it.

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