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Updating Errors HELP !!!

I have recently installed mcafee on my Asus netbook. All worked well, updating etc., for about a week, then I had an error message after updating saying the update couldnt be done, and that I needed to reinstall my software, which I promptly did. All was well until after a few days of successful use, the same error message appeared. I contacted technical support and was guided to alter some parts of my software. I was then told to reinstall mcafee, which I did, only to once again, after several days successful use, get the same error message. Im at my wits end as to what to do. My netbook was bought second hand, so could the fact the netbook is registered to the original user be causing anything? Also, to save disk space I compress all my files, and regularly use disk cleanup etc. Could these be doing anything to affect my Mcafee? I have had Mcafee installed on my main computer for several years without a single problem, so im concerned as to why using it on my netbook is causing so much trouble. HELP!!!!

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Re: Updating Errors HELP !!!

Hi Steve1965,

Since not being a new computer, Does the computer have any virus infections?

If not please follow the below steps :


Dinesh K

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