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Update will not install


My problem with McAfee Total Protection began with the messages that the Firewall is not turned on & Automatic Scan not turned on.  Using McAfee Virtual Technician it seems that files were missing.  So I uninstalled & reinstalled McAfee,  ran Virtual Technician, all seemed ok. 

It would work until the next time I tried to run it & the same thing kept happening.  Now I seem to no longer have that problem but the Update will not install, McAfee Virtual Technician cannot check my computer due to a technical error (perhaps due the McAfee being open & the 'Installing Updates' icon still running.  The only solution seems to be to force close McAfee, uninstall & reinstall but it only works for a short time before some problem occurs.  I am sooooo sick of this so would be very greatful if anyone could help.  I am using Windows Vista & have had McAfee on it for about 4 years without any problems until recently,

Please help!


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Re: Update will not install

First, is this Vista SP2 and fully updated and how do you connect to the internet?

Secondly, regardless of what browser you use, do you have IE9 installed and is it and all it's add-ons up to date?

Thirdly, do you have any other security product installed?

Fourthly:  Any other strange happenings, popups etc.?

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Re: Update will not install

Forgot to ask... and lastly, when you uninstalled, did you run the MCPR cleanup tool then reboot before installing again?  (Linked under Useful Links at the top of the page).