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Update and MVT will not complete

It appears that I have lost the ability for my McAfee programs to reach McAfee systems online. The security center update can be started and goes to start downloading, but never goes past 0%. I can start trying to run McAfee Virtual Technician and it will begin, but I get a windows stopped working popup when MVT appears to be updating to the latest version. It looks like this started about a week ago; January 10th looks like the last update. My internet connection in general appears to be working fine

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Re: Update and MVT will not complete

Hello. I don't claim to be an expert on your problem but try this and see what happens. It's possible that something on your computer may be blocking the installation of Updates so begin by restarting your computer and logging on with a user account with Administrative privileges. (NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with any of the following procedures, research them BEFORE attempting them and BEFORE logging onto an Administrative Account).  1) Run a FULL Virus and Spyware scan on your computer.  2) Clean out your "Temp" folder: Run>>OpenSmiley Embarassed>%temp%.  3) Find and run "Disk Cleanup" in your computer's Systems Tools folder and delete all entries there.  4) Delete your "Browsing History:" Control Panel>>Network and Internet Connections>>Internet Options>>Browsing History. Make sure everything is checked and delete everything.  5) Configure and Run McAfee's "QuickClean" in McAfee's PC and Home Network Tools. After this, go directly to McAfee's Support website and see if you can re-run or re-download MVT again. Please note that none of the steps outlined above will harm your computer. These are a simple fix which I've used in the past with quite some success but if they don't work, check back here and someone else may offer other advice. Good luck.   

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