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Update Status Issue

My apologies if this question has already been asked somewhere else, but I looked for it and could not find it. Also, after creating a profile with a password just to ask a question, I think I deserve to ask the question even if it has been asked before.

While repairing my subscription which somehow expired, with 17 months to spare, but only on one computer, I noticed the update status displayed a very old date. When I click to update, it appears to update, but the update status date does not change.

How can I fix the update status date to genuinely reflect the last date of (alleged) update, that way I can at least maintain the illusion that the software actually updated.

Just to be sure we're all on the same page:

The subscription is current.

The problem exists on multiple computers.

At least one of those computers is a fresh install.

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Re: Update Status Issue

Hi .

                          Without more information, especially your comments in regards to 'Attempting to Repair your Subscription' and especially saying it somehow expired (17) months pre-mature. This would be better addressed by contacting Customer Service/Technical Support.

                           It is available 24/7 and (Free) Via Phone and Online Chat much quicker.


All the Best


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Re: Update Status Issue

Is this consumer or corporate as you posted in corporate epo area?

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Re: Update Status Issue

Moved this to Consumer > General ...  for now.




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Re: Update Status Issue

It's probably corrupted if it's old and assuming this is the Consumer software, best to uninstall via Control Panel > Programs and Features, reboot if asked to.  Then download and run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool a.k.a. MCPR from HERE, reboot, then go to your online account page and reinstall everything from there.

This is all outlined in THIS FAQ

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