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Unsolicited e-mail

This morning I received an unsolicited e-mail.

It said:  From:

Then it went on to say:  wiki page relace [sic] your sync info changed by...

                                    the page replace [sic] your sync info. was changed by michro at DOM 22 di Aug.2010 10:47CET

                                    Comment:  minor edit [approvato da michro]

Naturally, I had no idea what this meant. Unlike many of you, I'm not very sophisticated when it comes to computers. I didn't click on the links which were provided.

I tried finding a way to contact Wikipedia and found an area which stated to not report problems to Wiki such as this and they were very curt. So I contacted McAfee and received wonderful and insightful help. The person with whom I was e-chatting took control of my screen and thoroughly checked out the situation and I was told it was an attempted hacking/phishing scam.

I ran a full scan and nothing showed up which was unwanted.

Might anyone be so kind as to comment on this? Such as if any of you have ever received such an e-mail.

I'd so apprecitate your insight/advice.

Thank you,


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Re: Unsolicited e-mail

These things arrive as spam and should normally be caught by spam filters and suchlike.   I see them all the time in the spam filters and fortunately never actually get them in my inbox, they just go straight into the garbage.

If you didn't click on anything I think it would be safe to say that no harm has been done.

Re: Unsolicited e-mail

Thanks Ex_Brit,

I so so appreciate your taking the time to reply to my question. I found it most helpful. One question I do have is:  how do I make my spam catcher more alert, more sensitive, so to speak, to these things? As I said, I'm really not a sophisticated computer user and I appreciate all the help offered to me if it's on a simple level I can understand. I've been growing orchids for a little over 10 yrs. now and still consider myself a novice in many ways. This is the way I think of myself with computers:  a novice.

The one thing I learned a while back was to never open or click on unsolicited e-mails. My remembering that today helped me out greatly. It goes to show me at age 53 an old dog can indeed learn new tricks.

Again, thank your for taking time out of your day to be so kind.


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Re: Unsolicited e-mail

I use an external filtering service for my spam so it never reaches my computer.  I view it there and either reject it or release it depending on what it is.  So I can't be of much help with McAfee Anti-Spam I'm afraid as I don't use it.

You might want to post specific questions on that in the appropriate forums.

If you have the 2009 version (has a square taskbar icon) post HERE.

If you have the 2010 version (shield-shaped taskbar icon) post HERE.

Yes it's wise not to ever click on anything that you aren't sure of.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Re: Unsolicited e-mail


You've helped me tremendously and I am much obliged. Leeflea.

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Re: Unsolicited e-mail

You're welcome.