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Uninstalling an optional feature.

Ok, so I installed this optional feature, "Shredder" to my McAfee Security Center.

I had these 3 features under "available" for download and installing: Shredder, Anti-Spam and SiteAdvisor.

I downloaded and installed Shredder but it doesn't seem that useful so I want to uninstall it but I can't find an option to uninstall?

I just want to remove this optional feature, "Shredder" and leave the rest intact. How do I do that? Help please.

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Level 21

Re: Uninstalling an optional feature.

You can't as it comes bundled with Quickclean 'Lite', the other utility and neither can be separated from SecurityCenter.  The reason they installed the way they did was because the original installer was faulty and should have included them anyway.

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