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Uninstall Livesafe safely

Hi, I had a 30 day trial of Livesafe preinstalled on my laptop, I'm nearing the end of the trial and want to use a different anti virus software. When I tried to do this on an old laptop I encountered problems with traces of Mcafee still being on my hard drive and causing conflicts after following the instructions and had to contact Mcafee for advice, it was quite a lengthy process.

Please can you advise on correct uninstallation procedure and at what stage I should download and install new software so I don't run into similar problems.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Uninstall Livesafe safely

1)  Uninstall in the normal fashion - via Control Panel > Programs and Features

2)  Run the MCPR cleanup tool and then reboot.

All traces should be gone.

Prior to doing that you could perhaps download the installer for the new product to your desktop.

Then run it afterwards.

All the best.



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