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Unable to register my antivirus plus

Hi there.

I've gor a problem. I have recently changed my PC and I've reinstalled my Antivirus Plus 2011 (which expires in May 2012) on my new PC. No problem with the installation, but when I try to activate the product, after entering the product key the system doesn't recognize my password, and so I cannot complete the registration. I tried changing the password but the reult is exactly the same. Is this because I had already registered the same product when installed on the old PC? Is there anyone who can help me?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: Unable to register my antivirus plus

Hi abredt,

So, you new product that expires on May of 2012 is already registered and what you can do is to run the removal tool and reinstall the product , it wouldn’t prompt for registration again.

So on the new PC, run the removal tool from here :

Run McPreinstall tool from here :

Logon to your McAfee account from here : and reinstall the current subscriptions  


Re: Unable to register my antivirus plus

Thanks a lot Jai. I'll try and let you know.


Re: Unable to register my antivirus plus

Thanks Jai. Everything worked perfectly. I'm most grateful!


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