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Unable to install Total Protection 2011

I'm trying to install Total Protection 2011 on my Windows XP computer.  This is a 3 user edition and I installed it without a hitch on our Vista laptop, but now on the XP desktop when I try to run the .exe program (it won't install automatically on insertion of disc), I get a quick "hourglass" then nothing.  I also tried to download a version of the program and I get the same result when I try to run the installer.  I downloaded and ran the MVP program without a hitch, and I also tried uninstalling the previous expired version of McAfee (with the download from McAfee).  Still nothing.  I've also run a current version of Stinger, but it found nothing.    Is there a trojan or virus that specifically won't let the new McAfee install?  Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Unable to install Total Protection 2011

Turned out to be a SecurityMaster AV issue.  Ran the bleepingcomputer fixes, and was able to install McAfee.  It did get hung up in the activation process, and I tried Prakash's fixes.  I had no Sysprep folder, but installing only AntiSpam, then activating, then installing the rest of Total Protection took care of it.  Thanks, Prakash!

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Re: Unable to install Total Protection 2011

Thanks for letting us know you got everything working. I will mark this as answered.

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