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Unable to download McAfee on Netbook

I have tried to download my "FREE" McAfee through Cox Communications onto my HP netbook and have been unsuccessful. I've call Cox and McAfee. Neither one of them can help me. Cox told me that I needed to update my javascript, adobe reader and windows. I did all this and still have been unable to download McAfee. Since then, my computer has contracted that stupid Security Center anti-virus virus. I am very upset. I am unable to use my computer now. I am currently using my son's computer. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. McAfee had no suggestions either.

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Re: Unable to download McAfee on Netbook

This document from McAfee will assist you in resolving your virus issue I would suggest that you try running the McAfee stinger scan which is mentioned in the document. After completing the suggestions in the document and you are still unable to download McAfee then try this free program

You should download this from a non infected pc onto a usb stick by renaming the download and installation files to something you can easily remember as virus and malware are written to self protect themselves. When you rename the files most of the time you can get the program installed as the malware no longer sees them as a threat. After installation check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer.

After you are sure you are all cleaned up try to install your McAfee software again. This links will explain things a little bit more in detail Please be sure to run the preinstall tool mentioned in the link.

Just wonder if you have a order reference number or some type of authentication information concerning the free software from Cox? I would certainly thing that Customer Service should be able to help you out in that area.

on 8/18/10 9:19:26 PM EDT