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Unable to do a custom install of Antivirus Plus

I wanted to make some changes so I uninstalled Antivirus Plus and then went to my subscriptions to download and install it again but it always installs all features.  I can't seem to get an option for a custom install that lets me select the features I want.  How can I install just Antivirus plus without the firewall, quickclean, shredder, etc?


Found my own solution.  I had an old install file from 2012 on one of the systems on my network.  I ran that and it allowed a custom install.  Then I just had to walk through a few upgrades to get current again.  Sure would be nice if support could provide an older installer so that could be done or better yet, put that option back into the product so I don't have to install the firewall and all that other stuff I don't want.

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Re: Unable to do a custom install of Antivirus Plus

Hello @slatege1

The custom install feature was removed as part of McAfee installer update and the engineering team had their own reasons for the same.

I have taken this suggestion as a feedback and you can also have this suggestion posed under our ideas section, which has a good vicinity. 


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