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Unable to boot from USB for virus removal

Hi Experts,

I got hit with a ransom virus. Unfortunately with this virus I can't boot in safe mode at all, even in command line mode, without the virus page taking over.

I saw a reasonable-sounding idea on the following site:

It says if you can't even boot in command line mode in Safe Mode, to make a bootable USB on a clean computer using Hitman Pro Kickstart.

I did that, and changed the boot order to boot from the USB. My infected computer is running McAfee Endpoint Encryption and after the initial login window the machine says it can't boot, it throws an error "Error loading operating system".

Any ideas what's going wrong and what to do to fix my computer?


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Re: Unable to boot from USB for virus removal

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit on my clean computer and the infected one. The infected laptop is running Windows Professional and the clean one is running Windows Ultimate.

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