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UI design

I know that software's updates are important, but I just lost part of my thesis references and information because an unfortunate pop up with the "Restart now" option popped out in the bad time and location.

Im trying to be polite, but I am so angry that I needed to tell you this to you guys somehow. This software is important, but this application shouldn't be more important than the use that the consumer wants to do with their computer... that's a user centered design problem.

Don't make your software act as a virus sometimes.

My regards,

a common user.

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Re: UI design

You can set the updates to download and notify you or warn you before downloading. This is in Navigation and automatic updates option. So what did the popup do did it restart without waiting for your answer or it popped up and somehow wiped out what you were doing?

You can add this as an idea here

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Re: UI design

Put up a Product Idea that popups should be suppressed or limited to a small flag in the notification area when work is on the screen.Product Ideas (Consumer)

Product Ideas

That said, it shouldn't have interrupted anything or forced you to do anything.  I agree they are disconcerting at times.