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Two really annoying things with Mcafee Internet Security

I've had McAfee Internet security for about 4 years (it was free when I got Broadband and I carried on when it came up for renewal)

This latest version is just driving me nuts.


On the security report it tells me that I have over 5000 viruses, and 3000 tracking cookies.  But also tells me that my computer is clean!!

I gather that the numbers it tells me are actually the numbers SINCE INSTALLATION (i tried to help someone out by attaching their corrupted disk to my system to get their data off,  McAfee stopped it infecting my system which is why the numbers are so high)

But if you were to read the report it looks like they are the number of viruses still on the system.

There appears to be no method of re-setting these numbers.  (other than an un-install and re-install) which seems to be a ridiculous thing to have to do.

My problem is that I have to provide a clean virus report to my work monthly to be allowed VPN access and this report is preventing me being able to do this.  (Working at home means less time at the office.........)

Any advice on resetting the totals would be appreciated.

Support (via email) was up to it's usual standard.  Their first e-mail stated categorically that my system must be infected.  When I replied with a screen shot from the end of a scan showing that no problems were found I got an e-mail back stating that my system wasn't infected and that the numbers were running totals (which was what I told them I thought was going on).  So basically they just told me what I wanted to hear.


On the older versions of McAfee under parental controls it was possible to have a Block and Allow list that applied to EVERY user.  But now you have to block websites on each user.  so if for example I wanted to block I would have to go to Parental controls select Protect the Family and then for every windows user on the computer add the website to the list of blocked websites.

Why cant there be a global block list which applies to Every user or am i missing something.

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Re: Two really annoying things with Mcafee Internet Security

Regarding the first complaint yes it is rather misleading and they realize that but it might help if you put in a suggestion.  I'll post where later in this this message**.

In the meanwhile the only way to clear that would be to uninstall in the normal manner via Control Panel, then run the MCPR cleanup tool (see Useful Links at the top of this page), reboot and reinstall from your online account.

You can at least stop most of the quarantine items by turning off detection of Tracking Cookies as those are merely what allows a website to remember you and are rarely a threat.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

Click Virus and Spyware Detection to expand

Click Real-Time Scanning to expand

Click Settings to expand

Under Threats - uncheck Tracking Cookies

Click Apply

You can also empty the Quarantine folder.

Click Navigation at top right

Click Quarantined and Trusted Items in the list below to expand

Open the various sections and highlight anything you want to get rid of (you can highlight more than one)

Click Delete.

Regarding Parental Controls, yes you have to do it for each user and that might also be a great suggestion to make.


There's also another way of influencing future products and that is by Beta Testing them.  With that you get a permanent license & you have to accept all components of the product in the installation but you aren't forced to use them all and it is at your own risk as normal support channels don't exist except for a special section in this forum and a Bug Reporting feature which can also be used to make suggestions of course.

One way of being prepared for infections that will get by any antivirus is to carry extra anti-malware applications.  See:

I carry Windows Defender, SpywareBlaster and MalwareBytes but there are others of course.


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