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Turning off annyoing reminders

Is there a way to turn off those annoying reminders that are not included in the ignore list?? I keep AV turned off running some programs because it is such a resource hog so I am quite aware my computer is not protected. This reminder takes away my active window for about 10 seconds which causes chaos. Also the "Mcafee hasnt checked for updates in 5 days" is really freakin annoying also. If i choose to disable auto updates I shouldnt have to be reminded 10 times a day about it. Its things like this which make me want to ditch Mcafee software and go back to Norton.

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Re: Turning off annyoing reminders

As updates come in daily you can get rid of one of them by manually updating once a day.

The others I doubt you can do anything about, although if I disable VirusScan in mine and make sure it is set to never turn back on it doesn't bug me unless I go to reboot so not sure what settings you are using.

Alerts and Ignopred problems are accessible as follows:

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

Click Configure (left)

With SecurityCenter highlighted at left..

Click Advanced (right)

See the menu on the left.

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