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Turning off McAfee

I have an update to Quicken that I want to install.  The Quicken instructions requests that I turn off any protection software (McAfee) before I install.  I can not find how to turn off/suspend McAfee.  Any ideas?


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Re: Turning off McAfee

The best way to disable the mcafee software would be:

  1. Click start
  2. Click run if you are using XP, or click into start search if you are using vista
  3. Type in msconfig into the run(XP) window or start search(Vista) bar
    • that should open up the configuration utility
  4. Click on the services tab
  5. Select the hide all microsoft services option below
  6. Go through the list and find and uncheck all the mcafee services
  7. Hit apply and ok
  8. Restart the computer
    • all mcafee services will be disabled on restart.
  9. Install your application
  10. Go back to MSconfig and reenable all mcafee services from the services tab
  11. Restart the computer
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Re: Turning off McAfee

I am glad that I am not the only person that has "turned off" McAfee.  However

DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT nor ever HAVE been employed or retained by McAfee or any of its agents. END DISCLAIMER

In all the years of using McAfee (from Windows 98 on), I have only disabled the products for the following"

1.  Problems with McAfee upgrades (2, both with the former "Privacy Service")

2.  During a system recovery, and with network access off and disconnected.

3.  During the upgrade to Windows XP/SP3 (that was a bear, but worth it!)

4.  Disabled once to test a problem with another third-party's product that was misusing the "Windows Installer".

Many products state that you should disable your security software.  I have found no reputable product that requires such, although, to be frank, there are a few other security suites with some quirks.  As for "Quicken" (from Intuit, I think ), I install their "Turbo Tax" every year without disabling McAfee.

Every once in a while, I disable McAfee (just to know that I can, and to be certain that everything still works).

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Re: Turning off McAfee

Hi bobg43,

You could even try to download you program updates in safe mode with networking as McAfee would be disabled completely in this mode.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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