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Tracking Cookies never blocked by Total Protection

Microsoft and google cookies are never blocked by McAfee .. SMH.  I had to buy a third party application, plus Spybot to keep my computer clean. 

Sadly, I have to say McAfee is a waste of money, it does nothing it advertises.   Viruses are not stoped, Firewall turns itself off, setting are changed, any application can

have full access even after you set it not to automatically give full access.  After 3 or 4 years of these problem one would think it would be fix by now.  Nope still happening and

McAfee is still making excuses.  The regedit fix for the Firewall issues is a joke .. the setting was "2" already.

Like they say you get what you pay for and India charges very like for it Customer Service resource the discount is not passed on to us!

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Re: Tracking Cookies never blocked by Total Protection

No, cookies aren't blocked by McAfee. Some used to be blocked, but not any more. You can change browser settings to block third-party cookies but many sites won't work properly if you prevent first-party cookies from being set.