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Total protection update woes

Hi all,

I've just - again run into the following situation:

  1. A scheduled scan running
  2. Online backup preparing, ie scanning discs
  3. An update preparing and installing

Why do these products not communicate and signal amongst themselves? This is the equivalent of a DOS on my system and enough reason to contemplate dumping Mcafee and going elsewhere. Has anyone though of a way around this silly behaviour?

BTW: I run Total protection 11

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Re: Total protection update woes

Yes seen the update during a scan. Supposedly it should not proceed did yours?

It is a good thought how about adding this as an idea  ( whoops see you already have thanks will vote it up.

I will reask the question in tomorrows call. I assume things went downhill when all 3 happened?

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Re: Total protection update woes

Thanks Peacekeeper. Downhill is not sufficient, I left the system alone as it was unusable. It went into a sort of coma, I could not revive it so shut it down. I'm working from the affected system now, about to find out from logs what happened yesterday. Possibly the update waited for the scan to complete, but backup should wait as well IMHO.

Re: Total protection update woes

Online backup does not check or from what our tech says ever check what Virusscan is doing. Scanning should not run without a check first for an update that is the preferred way but not the way it works at present. Our techs are chasing this up to see if Development can change it for a future release.

The ideas should be bumped if you have not done so already.

Re: Total protection update woes

Ok bug reported can you add your specs to this thread please. I assume online backup and scanning at same time not as bad?

Re: Total protection update woes

Online backup + (scheduled) scan is more then enough to completely occupy disk-IO on my system and render it useless. Even during scan + backup, CPU / memory are hardly  utilised, the only task for the CPU is switching between processes screaming for disk blocks... contention is the name of the game.


  • Dell dimension 5150
  • Pentium4 2.8Ghz
  • 4GB Ram


  • Windows XP pro & SP3
  • Mcafee total protection 11
    • security center 11.0.608
    • antivirus 15.0.291
    • online backup 2.0.235

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Re: Total protection update woes

So update just accentuates things. Will chase this up. The techs have bug reported this now