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Total Protection suddenly won't activate

I bought a 3 pc Total Protection, installed it on the household machine, then this laptop.

Suddenly, it's asking to be Activated, but the button doesn't even work.

I still have the Product Key, password and original CD.

Help greatfully accepted!


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Re: Total Protection suddenly won't activate

Hi Bobflyer,

It would be help full, if you can give some details about the CD you’re trying to use on second PC.

  • Did you had McAfee on your laptop earlier ?
  • Are you trying to install McAfee from the CD or from the web site account?
  • have you order McAfee CD from web store or you got through local store?

Remove McAfee from control panel and reinstall McAfee from web account, let us know if issue continues.  ( KB- TS100507)

Re: Total Protection suddenly won't activate

1.     McAfee had been working fine for some weeks.

2.     I can't remember, but I suspect it was the website, but with the CD product key

3.     I bought the 3pc CD from a local store.

Basically, I'm not impressed that it doesn't even give me the opion to Activate it again correctly!


Re: Total Protection suddenly won't activate

Here's what my account says, first this misleading statement:

1784 Days Unprotected

Please be aware that Subscription 1 of your McAfee VirusScan provided via agreement with Phoenix Technologies expired on 13/12/2006. Until you renew this subscription or install another licensed copy, your computer may be vulnerable to Internet threats.

Then the (sensible) expory and usage information:

Total Licenses: 3 (2 in use; 1 available)

Product Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                Detailed Information About My Protection Products
                            Expiration Date                                                    History                        Download
                        03/09/2012                        [Renew]

Message was edited by: bobflyer on 01/11/11 08:44:38 CDT

Re: Total Protection suddenly won't activate

OK, unistalling, then reinstalling a copy downloaded from the "Subscription" link seems to work now.

I'm hoping there won't be another glitch in a month...


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