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Total Protection - registration failure-3PC

I recently bought McAfee Total Protectionfor 3 home PCs from a PcWorld, and successfully installed on the first PC

However, when I attempt to install on a second and 3rd pc, the product cannot register/activate.I have the p[roduct key with me, but it keeps asking me for a usernae and password. Whatever username/password i try does not seem to login and kicks me out after a few attempts.

To be honest I dont remember what email address/passowrd I used when I installed on the first PC

Please asist on how I can figure out what email address/password I used i.e. retrieve the details. I have tried the FORGOT password option to no avail... I didnt receive any emails... yes, I checked on spam emails too

Is there any TRICK when installing 2nd and 3rd PCs?

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Re: Total Protection - registration failure-3PC

I would assume best to install 2 and 3 direct from your account but if you forgot the email address etc well then best to call customer service and they will sort this out for you .

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