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Total Protection 2012 Registration Problem

I have Total Protection 2012 with licence up to 3 computers. I have installed this to 2 computers. I have hardly succeded to register the product on the first  computer but it is impossible to do the same on the second one. I write the mail address and password for the account but I constantly encounter with the following annoying message:

"You have entered some invalid data. Please move the cursor to the highlighted area and see how to fix it and retry". This drives me mad since there is no highlighted area and I am sure that the mail address and the password is correct.

Please somebody help me about this. I am realy upset and regret that I bought this software!

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Re: Total Protection 2012 Registration Problem

Youy might want to try a different browser perhaps.   It sounds like the web page isn't displaying correctly or functioning the way it is supposed to do.

You could contact Customer Service Monday to Friday

Technical Support is

What is your operating system and service pack and what browser and version are you using?

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Re: Total Protection 2012 Registration Problem


Its Clealry mentioned in the above statement you have registered the McAfee Product in one of your computer, so your McAfee product was active so you have also an another option to download McAfee from McAfee site.

Please use the below link to remove the McAfee in the 2nd computer you have problems registering the McAfee

Once the McAfee product is removed click on the below link and login to your McAfee Account using the Email Address you have registered the McAfee in the 1st Computer with the Password you have created.

Click the download button and follow the on screen insructions.

Once the Installation completed you product will be active so no need for the activation and you will be all set.



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Re: Total Protection 2012 Registration Problem

For how many computers can i use the same product key?

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