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Thumbnails not displaying in websites

When ever I go to a website that has thumbnails in it instead of seeing the thumnails all I see is a small White box with a little Red cross in the top left hand side of the box can anyone tell me what is causing this. Do I need to change any settings in I.E (I am using V.8 64 bit version) or Windows 7 (Home premium version(

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Re: Thumbnails not displaying in websites

Don't use the 64-bit version of IE as it's only there because of the system being 64-bit.  The default browser is IE 32-bit and is listed in your Start/All programs menu or should be.  The reason being that most add-ons, flash etc., wont work with 64-bit browsers yet so pages wont display correctly.  Hopefully that will cure the problem.   Also make sure that your Adobe Flash, Shockwave and your Java are all the latest versions.  Uninstall any older Java engines.

Also make sure that IE settings are at default.


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