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The dependency service or group failed to start

since I install this software I can not download certain programs or use programs I have already installed,(like party poker).  I get the message about the dependency service failing to start. Have any ideas how I can fix this problem or where on my computer I can find the dependency services. I've looked in task manager, under services and processes, but I don't see anything there that helps. After this message I get this (0x8007042c) I'm not too advanced when it comes to computers and I could use some help, if you have any ideas.

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Re: The dependency service or group failed to start

Error code 0x8007042c is translates to "The dependency service or group failed to start" and is a Windows error message.

You haven't said whether you've got a problem connecting to the internet, but I would guess you might have.

What is your operating system - is it Windows Vista by any chance?

What is the software you have installed - you say, "since I install this software" - what software?

The answer to this question depends on which service is affected, and what your OS is. It's a known problem with one of several solutions, and the Microsoft forums have several threads on this subject.

If your question is not related to a McAfee product, you would be better off asking it on one of the Microsoft forums -  has options for Win7, Vista, and XP.

You might find the answer in one of these threads -

If not, you'll have to give some more information to whoever tries to answer you so that the problem can be properly identified.