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System errors

I was using my laptop and started getting the message "hard drive partily damaged" and " file indexation process failed". Any suggestion on how to resolve.

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Re: System errors

I trust you mean "hard drive partially damaged" and "file indexing process failed" ?   If they were deliberately mispelled then it could be malware.  What is your operating system and service pack and have you had any other issues?

If XP go to Start/Run and enter cmd and click Enter

If Vista/Windows 7, go to Start and type cmd in the Search box, when cmd.exe appears in the list above, right-click it and select Run as Administrator.

In the Command Prompt window type in chkdsk /r (with the space) and click Enter  (if you have multiple partitions you can specify the drive letter by typing in chkdsk C: /r (with the spaces and change C to whatever it is))

It will say it can't proceed as the volume is in use, proceed at next reboot Y/N?

Click Y and hit the Enter key, type Exit and click Enter and reboot.

Let the file check proceed.  It can take a long time so don't even think about interrupting it or you may end up with an unbootable system.

If that doesn't cure the problem try some of the tools, particularly the 3rd party one, mentioned here:

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