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Switching from McAfee Total Protection 2011 to All Access 2012

I currently have McAfee Total Protection 2011 on my system.  I will be switching from Total Protection 2011 to McAfee All Access 2012.  When I install All Access 2012 will it detect and completely remove Total Protection 2011 before it  installs McAfee All Access?

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Re: Switching from McAfee Total Protection 2011 to All Access 2012

May I suggest you also run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links. MCPR will remove any remaining traces of the Total Protection software that might remain when you uninstall.

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Re: Switching from McAfee Total Protection 2011 to All Access 2012

When I click on the Useful Links and Removal Tool MCPR the page cannot be found.   This message comes up "The Document ID you entered was not recognized in our system. Please type the Document ID again, and make sure to use the correct prefix."

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Re: Switching from McAfee Total Protection 2011 to All Access 2012

Hi AceH,

Probably the document is under revision at the moment, which should be correct soon. Pleaes find below the draft of  that article ;

Running the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR.exe) removes all 2005 - 2011 versions of McAfee consumer products. It does  not run on Windows 98 or ME.

IMPORTANT: You must uninstall using the Windows software removal utility (Add/Remove Programs in XP, “Programs and Features” in  Vista and Windows 7) before running MCPR. Failure to do so can result in the number of your licenses being incorrectly counted.
If you cannot successfully uninstall using Windows Add/Remove Programs, or have already run MCPR without  uninstalling, you can deactivate your machine so that McAfee knows that your license is no longer installed on your computer for use with a future install:
1. Open a web browser and go to
2. Click My Account in the upper right corner.
3. Select the My Account option.
4. Type your McAfee user account and password.
5. If you want your browser to remember your password, select the Remember Me option.
6. Click Log In.
7. Under the My Protection Products section, select the subscription from which you would like a license released.
8. Find the computer you want to deactivate and click Deactivate.
9. If you selected this machine in error, click Cancel. Otherwise click Deactivate to proceed.

IMPORTANT: If your McAfee products were preinstalled by the manufacturer of your computer, ensure that you activate your McAfee subscription before uninstalling. Reinstalling from a CD or download only installs your McAfee applications, but might not recover your paid subscription term information.
1. Uninstall your McAfee products using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel:
Windows 7/Vista users
a. Click Start, Search, type Programs and Features, and click Go.
b. Double-click Programs and Features.
c. Select the McAfee SecurityCenter product.
d. Click Uninstall and follow the steps provided.

Windows XP users
e. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.
f. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
g. Select the McAfee SecurityCenter product.
h. Click Remove and follow the steps provided.
2. Download and run MCPR.exe:
a. Download the removal tool from
b. Click Save, and save the file to a folder on your computer.
c. Navigate to the folder where the file was saved.
d. Ensure that all McAfee windows are closed.
e. Double-click MCPR.exe to run the removal tool.

NOTE: Windows Vista users must right-click MCPR.exe and select Run as Administrator.
f. Restart your computer after receiving the message CleanUp Successful.
Your McAfee product will not be fully removed until the system is restarted.

If the message Cleanup Unsuccessful is displayed, do the following to view and save your MCPR log files for analysis by Technical Support:
g. On the Cleanup Unsuccessful notification dialog, click View Logs.
Your troubleshooting logs open in Notepad window.
h. Click File, Save As, and save the file to your Desktop. Name the file MCPR_date.txt (for example, MCPR_Jan10_08.txt).
i. Contact McAfee Technical Support and provide the log file to your technician for troubleshooting.
j. Confirm that all McAfee products are removed from your computer.
3. Reinstall your McAfee products.
Refer to the instructions from the partner that you purchased your McAfee product from, or reinstall using the following partner links:
• If you purchased your software directly from McAfee, go to to log in and download your software.
• AT&T users, go to
• Cox users, go to
• DELL users, go to
• MSN users, go to
• AOL users, search on keyword: Safety ( On the AOL Safety & Security page, click Download Now.

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Re: Switching from McAfee Total Protection 2011 to All Access 2012

Thanks for the info.