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Subscription issues

Hi im very sorry to jump on the end of this blog but im a new user to this blog and for some unknown reason i don't seem to be able to open a new blog up (go figure)

im having a rather stupid issue with McAfee i purchased a new laptop a few weeks ago and i have been running on my free trial for now i have recently received a couple of emails from McAfee one telling me my trial is about to expire and one offering me a discount on Internet security and as it was a reasonably cheap deal i went for it i made my payment with paypal and right at the end it brought up a page saying an error had occurred.

this in its self wouldn't be a problem had i not received an e mail from paypal saying payment made to McAfee and upon going in to my account information on their site it says i need to renew before my trial runs out. (ER i payed already?)

when i go in to my account information it show no record of me purchasing anything at all and just tells me i need to renew within 14 days.

please help as im not willing to make another payment to them in the vane hope that it might work next time.

many thanks

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Re: Subscription issues

Hi there,

We are able to view the records of your McAfee subscriptions (3 -User McAfee Internet Security  ) good until 2012 . So, please try to clear the cookies from your browser and login to  with your email address and you should be able to see your subscriptions .

Note : I have moved your thread as a separate one , so you can continue herewith


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Re: Subscription issues

Please login to your mcafee account online it should show your new subscription if it shows and still program says Renew "Right click on mcafee icon and click on verify subscription" if that does not help please run the subscription repair tool from this link below

Subscription repair tool-

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