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Stinger ( - Commandline parameters don't work [Bug]

Hi there,

i noticed, that some commandline parameters don't work:

  1. Parameter "--program"
    -> doesn't report "applications" (BTW: what's the meaning of that? All installed applications? Or malicious Apps?)
  2. Parameter "--ADL"  (for scanning local drives)
    -> scans network-drives too!
  3. Parameter "--ADN"  (for scanning network-drives)
    -> scans local drives too!
  4. Scanning rootkits (Default Setting, if parameter "--NOROOTKIT" isn't set)
    -> doesn't work! (in the meanwhile, scanning rootkits on 64bit-machines should work, right?)

(Tested on several times on several machines)

Known problems? When will they get fixed?

Kind regards from Germany


Sorry, but as as long as even these very simple and superficial parameters do not work i cannot recommend to use this software...  Who knows what else is going awry with this piece of software?

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Re: Stinger ( - Commandline parameters don't work [Bug]

The program parameter is for detecting PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs. These are most likely unwanted but not a virus.

I tried using the ADL (All Drives Local) and got the scanner to scan local hard drives. I did not have any network drives to test to see if it scanned those by default.

The --ADN (All Drives Networked) worked for me by not scanning any local hard drives. By default registry and memory are still scanned so some disk activity will still happen.

How can you tell if Stinger is not scanning for rootkits?

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